Manufacturing Process


On-Site & On-Demand Fabrication

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EE&G’s light gauge steel plants are portable and therefore can be mobilized to any job site where the light gauge steel members can be fabricated, panelized, and erected on the project site. This provides Owners and Contractors with the ultimate project control in schedule and timely delivery of the structure. Also, this allows for flexibility for the inevitable changes and modifications that occur from the original design to what is actually constructed.

Rolled Steel

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EE&G’s light gauge steel building system utilizes galvanized steel in coil form as its raw material. This material is ordered in varying gauges (thicknesses) to accommodate varying load bearing walls, interior partition walls, floor joists, and truss systems. The steel is fed into a roll former machine that receives commands directly from a laptop with proprietary software that holds the run files for the structural design of the building. The machines is “instructed” electronically when and where to bend, cut and punch holes in the steel members that will match exactly to the inputted design. As members exit the machines they are automatically labeled with part numbers to match the design, and they are immediately built into wall panels or truss systems that will be erected.

Erection of the panels is a real life building process that is similar in theory to constructing a toy structure with Lego blocks. The panels are erected in a logical sequence per the design starting with the first floor and moving upward within a structure. A typical 100 square meter home can be fabricated in one day and erected completely the next day assuming the foundation was done in advance.

Local Workforce

EE&G Careers EE&G Careers EE&G Careers

Many new technologies require years of training and sophisticated skillsets to learn. EE&G’s light gauge steel building system however can be learned quickly by local workforces, which minimizes the need for x-Patriot workers and provides opportunities and job for locals. Locals with existing building construction knowledge can be readily trained to learn the system and supervise others.