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About EE&G Africa

EE&G Africa, LLC was formed in 2011 in response to the government and private sector’s demand for portable and fast construction methods in Nigeria. EE&G’s expertise was widely sought after due to the reputation it built internationally through its work rebuilding in Louisiana and Texas following Hurricanes Katrina and Ike, and in Haiti following the January 2010 earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince. EE&G’s first projects in Nigeria involved the design and construction of single family bungalows, multi family flat buildings, dormitories and classrooms for universities, housing for military personnel, and man-camps for oil field personnel. EE&G’s experience the last 2.5 years in Nigeria has resulted in a vast amount of knowledge in how to efficiently and effectively perform construction services on the African continent.

With a growing and stable business in Nigeria operating out of Lagos as its primary location, EE&G is now seeking to expand its services in Africa to other countries such as Senegal, Gambia, Cameroon, and Ghana.

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About EE&G’s Other Companies

EE&G has various subsidiary companies which focus on specific business areas in the fields of Engineering, Construction, Environmental Consulting/Engineering, Odor Management, Disaster Recovery, and Public Adjusting of insurance claims. A brief summary of the services these firms provide is presented below:

  • General contracting services providing design and construction services and remediaton and abatement services of asbestos, mold and hazardous substances.
  • Environmental Consulting, Industrial Hygiene, Asbestos Management, Environmental Engineering.
  • Indoor air quality focusing primarily on the assessment and remediation of mold/mildew.
  • Environmental restoration services following major disaster events.
  • Public Adjusting of commercial and residential insurance claims following natural disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, hail storms, etc.)
  • Remediation services using Hydroxyl Generators to remove odors from commercial, residential and industrial facilities and removal of sulfur containing gasses during the remediation and restoration of structures impacted by defective Chinese Drywall.


To learn more about EE&G’s other business services, click the link below:

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